Telephone Mystery Shopping: Reservations & Sales

Telephone Mystery Shopping Program allows hotels to transform their reservation department to a real sales team, increase reservations conversion rate and quality of service. For sales department it is great start to make first sales pitch at maximum pace and with maximum result.

What We Offer

We provide hospitality telephone mystery shopping services for hotels worldwide.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery call checks are available for reservations and sales departments.

What we do

Flexible Online System

Hotels get access to online recordings of mystery calls, reports and flexible trend reporting.

Online system overview

Sales and Quality Control

You get an efficient tool to increase hotel sales and level of service.

Your benefits

Telephone Mystery Shopping program increases reservation conversion rate and level of telephone service.

Big Tree provides the Telephone Mystery Shopping services in accordance with the international standards of Mystery Shopping methodology. The current program is developed together with our partner the Kennedy Training Network company, that provides telephone mystery shopping services in US. The program is used by many hotels around the world, including Germany, Austria, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Montenegro, etc.

We establish control over reservation agents and sales staff standards and sales algorythms compliance, as well as improve the quality of service.

Focusing on closing sales is very important in the reservations process. Reservations agent who acts as a sales manager conducts the conversation proactively, reveals guest details and uses them during the conversation. Thus the reservation department turns into an effecient hotel sales channel.


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Your Benefits

We provide flexible services in accordance with international hospitality SOPs with adjustments based on your business individuality.

  • Increase reservations conversion rate
  • Increase hotel revenue through telephone reservations channel
  • Checking targeted agents in predefined time periods
  • Control your agents and sales staff SOPs compliance
  • Data privacy guarantee
  • Relevant call scenarios in accordance to your requirements
  • Extended reports including recommendations and tips
  • Online access to call recordings, reports and trend reporting
  • Flexible online trend reporting by hotel, operator and time period
  • Online support
  • Special approach to hotel chains mystery checks
  • No setup fee

Online platform

All our clients get access to online platform with rich capabilities on mystery check tracking and reporting.

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